Why Choose Bristol Shutters?

  1. All ShutterWise shutters are handcrafted made-to-measure.

  1. All ShutterWise shutters are supplied with a spare Louvre for every panel. So should you accidentally damage one of your Louvre’s it can be replaced without delay or any additional cost.

  1. ShutterWise will undertake a FREE service of your shutters 12 months after they have been installed to carry out any routine maintenance.

  1. ShutterWise shutters are manufactured in the only ISO Accredited Factory. That means you can take comfort in the fact that your shutters have been manufactured to the highest possible standards.

  1. The ShutterWise ‘Sumatra’ Range is the only shutter on the market to have Forset Stewardship Council Accreditation

  1. The frames of ShutterWise shutters are constructed from a solid engineered core and our Louvres are thicker than many of our competitors. That means your shutters will be more robust, less likely to warp and have greater longevity.

  1. All of ShutterWise shutters are applied with 6 separate coats of paint or stain. The final finish coat is a clear lacquer with a UV Sunscreen which helps prevent the shutters from fading. The finish coat also encompasses a hygienic coating that helps with dust allergies.

  1. At ShutterWise we can customise our shutters to match any colour.

  1. ShutterWise shutter hinges have an enameled covering as opposed to being painted these means that they are less likely to chip and loose they’re coating.

  1. ShutterWise does not charge a survey fee and we do not have a minimum fitting charge, compared to some of our competitors.